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Part: 1 Using Palm Organizers - Pg. 1

1 Part 1. Using Palm Organizers The Handheld Portal to Your Information You've probably read articles about them, or seen them in advertisements. More likely, you know someone who has one, and his or her enthusiasm was infectious. That's how we were introduced to Palm organizers, and now it's hard to find us without one. Chapter 1, Palm Basics, introduces you to Palm OS-based organizers, discussing the different families, their hardware controls, battery usage, and available accessories. Chapter 2, The Palm OS, covers the handheld's most undervalued feature: the powerful, yet mini- malist, operating system. We'll explore system-wide preferences, memory management, and learn how to write Palm's celebrated--and simple--Graffiti alphabet. Chapter 3, HotSync, examines the feature for synchronizing information from your handheld with the desktop software, including infrared synchronization and using other programs to tie your data into your Personal Information Manager (PIM) software. Chapters 4­6 (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks, Memos, and Notes) deal with the main built-in pro-