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Chapter 2. The Palm OS > Sounds & Alerts - Pg. 62

The Palm OS 62 Figure 2.42. Intruder alert!Set a number of failed attempts to unlock your handheld before the data is wiped out. 7. Tap OK. The next time you lock your handheld, your selected data will be encrypted and your device will be protected from unwanted intrusion. Tip · If you have a lot of stored data, choosing to encrypt only private records will make the process go faster. Sounds & Alerts Your cell phone isn't the only device in your pocket that can turn an entire movie theater against you. Open the Sounds & Alerts preferences and modify your alerts to suit your environment. To set sound volume levels 1. Tap the Custom button to make modifications to individual settings (Figure 2.43). Figure 2.43. Remember to go silent when you're at the opera.