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Chapter 8. Smartphones > Receiving Calls - Pg. 326

Smartphones 326 Figure 8.11. Keep two people on the line either by swapping between them or by enabling a three-way conference call. Note that each call timer remains independent. During the conference call, use the following options (Figure 8.12). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tap Spkr-phone to put the call into speakerphone mode. Tap the Mute button (the microphone icon) to put both parties on hold. Tap the Keypad button to dial in another participant. Tap Hold to put all parties on hold. Tap Hang Up to end the call. Figure 8.12. Once you go to Conference mode, the names of the participants disappear. Tip · You can't put one party on hold and talk to another caller during a conference call--you can only hang up and end the call with the entire group. Receiving Calls Just as Christmas isn't only about giving, using a cellular phone isn't just about making calls. When your fans start calling, the Treo can help you out. If your cellular service plan includes Caller ID, the phone compares the incoming phone number with Contacts and displays the caller's name if it finds a match. To answer an incoming call 1. Tap the Answer button to speak to the caller (Figure 8.13).