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Chapter 3. HotSync > Configuring HotSync Manager - Pg. 103

HotSync · The Backup(s) folder stores all programs you've installed on your handheld--even ones you've deleted from the handheld. So, if the folder size seems impossibly large, don't be alarmed. · It's a good--no, great--idea to regularly make backups of your user folder. 103 Configuring HotSync Manager The HotSync Manager isn't often seen, but it does quite a bit of work behind the scenes to ensure that your data is transferring properly. Its primary task is to monitor the port reserved for the HotSync cradle so it can act when the handheld signals a sync operation. To access the HotSync Manager under Windows · From within Palm Desktop, choose Setup from the HotSync menu. You can also click the Hot- Sync icon on the Taskbar, then select Setup from the popup menu (Figure 3.5).