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Chapter 3. HotSync > Multiple HotSync Options - Pg. 123

HotSync 3. 123 4. Palm OS:Tap the Log button on the main HotSync screen. However, don't get angry with us for suggesting it, since the Palm HotSync Log gives only the most basic of information (like the scintillating "OK Calendar"). Alternately, open the log file itself with a word processor or text editor. You'll find the log in your user folder. Tip · To record a detailed log on the Macintosh (instead of the minimal log that's stored on the handheld), mark the Show more detail in HotSync Log checkbox at the bottom of the HotSync Controls screen. Multiple HotSync Options The majority of owners use their handhelds on an individual basis: one organizer, one PC. However, there are some cases where you may want to synchronize one device with multiple machines, or several organizers on the same machine. Since HotSync synchronizes your data, not overwrites it, the information on each machine should remain updated without any special work on your part. Simply Hot-Sync as you normally would; the desktop software keeps track of multiple users. However, if you should happen to lose your handheld's data (for example, due to a hard reset), customize your first HotSync as described here.