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Chapter 5. Contacts > Renaming the Custom Field Labels

Renaming the Custom Field Labels

In addition to standard fields such as Address and City, nine custom fields are available for text input. Since “Custom 1” and “Custom 2” are boring labels, you can change field names to anything else.

To rename custom field labels

Choose Rename Custom Fields from the Options menu to display the Rename Custom Fields dialog box (Figure 5.36).

Figure 5.36. Name the custom fields according to the information that's most important to you.

In Palm Desktop for Windows, select Preferences under the Tools menu (Figure 5.37).

Figure 5.37. Changing these labels applies them to every record in Contacts.

If you're using Palm Desktop for Macintosh, getting there is a little more tricky: Open a contact by double-clicking on it, then click in the Other Information area. Choose the field you want to edit, click the popup menu to the right, and select Field Options; or, just double-click the name of the field (Figure 5.38).

Figure 5.38. Change the field names from within an active record by selecting Field Options from a field's popup menu.

Type the words or phrases you'd like to use. I find that Birthdate, Web, and Anniversary are essential labels; other possibilities include Spouse, Children (remember, you can type more than one item in the fields by writing a return character in the edit screen), or even Known Allergies.

Tap OK to exit.



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