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Chapter 4. Calendar > Entering and Deleting Calendar Events

Entering and Deleting Calendar Events

Calendar allows you to enter legible events quickly, using a variety of methods—and delete them just as easily without the mess of strikethroughs and scribbles that you've become accustomed to in your old-time paper organizer.

To enter an event using the New button

In the Day view, tap the New button to bring up the Set Time dialog box. You can also choose New Event from the Record menu, or write -N in Graffiti.

Specify a starting time. If you tap the Start Time box, the day's beginning time (from Calendar's Preferences) is entered by default. The time in the End Time box automatically sets to one hour after the Start Time. Tap on an hour and minute (the first and second vertical columns) to change the Start Time (Figure 4.21). The All Day button enters the time span you set up in the preferences.

Figure 4.21. Splitting the time into two vertical bars may appear odd at first, but this approach puts the controls in a smooth path for your stylus.

You can also elect to create an untimed event by tapping OK before specifying Start and End Times, or by tapping the No Time button if those fields are already filled. Anniversaries and other holidays work best as untimed events.

Change the End Time, if desired, and tap OK.

Write a descriptive title (Figure 4.22).

Figure 4.22. After exiting the Set Time screen, go ahead and give your event a descriptive title.

✓ Tip

  • A slightly faster way to enter an event is to tap directly on one of the times running down the left side of the display.

To enter an event by naming it on the appropriate line

The quickest method for creating a new record is to tap the line belonging to the time you wish to use. Calendar creates a one-hour event and positions the text cursor on the line for you to name the record: No dialog boxes or OK buttons are involved (Figure 4.23).

Figure 4.23. Tap directly on the time you wish to create an event for, and bypass the Set Time dialog.

Enter the text of your new event by writing in the Graffiti area or opening the Keyboard from the Edit menu. To modify the event's time, tap either the time itself or the Details button.

✓ Tips

  • As noted previously, you can't create new events while in Week view—you must return to the Day view.

  • If you're feeling like a hunter-gatherer while poking at all of these buttons and locations, consider using a more expressive method to enter Calendar events. In the Day view, begin writing your event's Start Time using Graffiti's number-entry area (the right portion). A new record will be created at that time.

  • A similar approach is to just start writing the title of a new appointment in Graffiti. An untimed event appears; use the Details button or tap the time to schedule it.

  • Tired of pecking at the vertical hour and minute columns in the Set Time dialog box? Write Graffiti numerals that will show up in the Start Time box (and also in the End Time box after selecting it).

  • Create an event with the same start and end time to avoid overlapping other events, such as for task-oriented events (like weekly recycling). See Chapter 6 for more on scheduling task reminders.

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