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Chapter 4. Calendar > Calendar Navigation: Jumping Through Time

Calendar Navigation: Jumping Through Time

We've become so dependent upon our hand-helds for scheduling that if an event isn't in Calendar, then it isn't happening. (This approach has prevented many event conflicts!) As a result, we find ourselves frequently looking ahead to specific dates, a process the Palm designers have streamlined pretty well.

To jump to specific dates

From any Calendar view, tap the Go To button. The Go To Date dialog is context sensitive, based on your previous view. So, the Day view gives you the option to jump to a specific day, the Week view jumps to weeks, and the Month view jumps to months (Figure 4.20).

Figure 4.20. Tapping the Go To button brings up the day (top), week (middle), and month (bottom) navigation screens, depending on your previous view.

Select a year using the arrows at the top of the page.

Select a month and a date or week. (If you came from the Month view, selecting the month will take you there immediately.)

If you've been time-traveling and want to get back to the present, tap the Today, This Week, or This Month button.

✓ Tips

  • The Year view also features a Go To button, but it duplicates the Day view's Go To Date dialog.

  • Only the up/down navigator buttons work in the Go To Date dialog, moving you from month to month.

  • A faster method of jumping to today's date is to press the Calendar button on the handheld's case—the first press will return you to today's Agenda view (if marked as the default view in Display Options) from anywhere in the Calendar.

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