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Chapter 4. Calendar > Week View

Week View

Viewing an entire day's schedule is helpful, but we often want to know what's coming up during the week without having to switch between multiple Day views. To get an idea of your schedule's density, display the Week view by tapping the third box (containing a line of four dots) in the lower-left corner.

Week view features

  • Events in the Week view are represented by colored bars that span vertically across the displayed hours. If the appointments overlap, the blocks become narrower and sit side-by-side on the week's grid. If you have several items happening at once, subsequent events are displayed with a diagonal pattern (Figure 4.12).

    Figure 4.12. The Week view isn't necessarily a weak view: Time blocks show how busy your week is, with overlapping events shown as thin bars. If you have several items occurring at the same time, you'll see a diagonal pattern.

  • To see what a particular block indicates, tap it once to bring up a floating window at the top of the screen containing the description you entered in the Day view, its specific time span, location, and category (Figure 4.13). Double-tapping a bar opens the Day view to that event.

    Figure 4.13. Deciphering the identity of a time block is easy—tapping one brings up its description at the top. If you tap on a multiple event cluster, only the first event is displayed.

  • Tapping the arrows in the upper-right corner of the screen moves you forward or backward one week, indicating the week's number in the year. Pressing the up or down button on the device case also shifts between weeks.

  • Tapping the weekday abbreviations at the top of the screen switches to the Day view for that day. The current day is bold.

  • A small diamond to the immediate left of a day's date (beneath the weekday abbreviation) indicates an untimed event. It will appear as the color of its assigned category.

  • Unlike the Day view, the week grid does not compress to fit all events onto one screen. Items appearing before or after the visible 11-hour period are indicated by a solid horizontal line appearing above or below the day's column. You can scroll to these events by tapping the arrows in the lower-right corner.

  • Between the date and the top of the week grid you'll find repeating events. A solid, light blue repeating event icon denotes its beginning; it's followed by a dotted line until it finishes with another icon. If a second repeating event begins within the duration of the first, a gray icon appears within the dotted line (Figure 4.14).

    Figure 4.14. The top of the Week view displays a lot of tiny details denoting untimed and repeating events as well as appointments that come before or after the currently displayed time grid.

✓ Tips

  • The Week view does not have settings of its own in Display Options—just the global Show Category List.

  • The five-way navigator becomes very helpful with the Week view. Press the left and right buttons to move from week to week; if you have events residing outside the default grid, press the up and down buttons to view them. If you're viewing the current week, pressing the center button selects the first event for today's date (if in another week, it selects the first event of that week). With an event selected, the up/down and left/right buttons move from event block to event block (displaying the details at the top). Press the center button again to open an event in the Day view.

  • The biggest disappointment in the move from Date Book to Calendar is the Week view—which has definitely become weaker. In addition to not being able to tap and drag event blocks to another point within the same week, you can't even tap an empty time to create a new event.

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