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Chapter 4. Calendar > Agenda View

Agenda View

Recognizing that what you do is often tied to when you do it, the Agenda view brings together your day's events as well as tasks that are coming due (Figure 4.5). If you download email to your handheld (either via HotSync or a direct connection), you can choose to display the VersaMail email program's inbox. Tap the first box in the bottom-left corner to bring up Agenda view.

Figure 4.5. View the day's events, tasks, and email in the Agenda view. With Tasks displayed, you'll see the two most current tasks as well as a summary of the number due—or overdue.

To view events from Agenda view

  • Tap an appointment to switch to the Day view, where it will be actively selected.

To manage tasks from Agenda view

  • Tap a task to switch to the Date view in the Tasks application, a new addition in Palm OS 5.2.1 and later that displays only those tasks due on a specific date (see Chapter 6).

  • Tap the checkbox at the left to mark the task completed, and it disappears from the Agenda view (even when you have Show Completed Tasks selected in the Tasks application).

To view email from Agenda view

  • Tap a message to switch to the VersaMail inbox.

✓ Tips

  • Yes, though this book isn't in color, those are colored dots next to the events. Palm OS 5.2 introduces color-coded categories, which we cover later in this chapter.

  • Up to three tasks are displayed. If you have more tasks due (or overdue), you'll see the two tasks displayed with checkboxes and a note as to the number of past due tasks.

To set Agenda view display options

Choose Display Options from the Options menu or write -Y. Tap the Agenda tab to access preferences for this view.

Disable Show Due Tasks or Show Messages to eliminate their listings from the Agenda view.

Tap the image box to select an image file stored either on your device or an expansion card. Use the Fade slider to adjust the opacity so it's not too dark, thus rendering the Agenda unreadable (Figure 4.6).

Figure 4.6. Set Agenda view display options, including the ability to add a background image.

Or, disable Background Image to display a blank white background in Agenda view.

Tap OK to return to the Calendar views.

✓ Tips

  • If you own a camera-equipped Zire 72, you can use a stored image as your background. For non-camera Palms, the Windows AgendaVU shareware application (www.cushysoft.com) enables you to create your own background themes.

  • It's best to choose a background image saved to your handheld's internal memory—without the memory card, you'll have a blank background.

  • By deselecting the display for Tasks and Messages, you'll be able to view more upcoming appointments, including those occurring during the next day or two (Figure 4.7).

    Figure 4.7. Focus just on upcoming Calendar appointments by deselecting display for Tasks and Messages.

  • The ability to sort tasks by category from Date Book's Agenda view was not ported over to this new version. Also, Tasks are not color-coded—only Calendar items include the colored dot.

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