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Chapter 4. Calendar > Performing a Phone Lookup

Performing a Phone Lookup

Luckily for those of us who value good data, the built-in applications don't live independently of each other. One of the handier features employed in the Palm OS is the ability to perform phone number lookups from Contacts while in a Calendar item.

To perform a phone lookup

If you know the name of the person you're scheduling an event with (such as “Coffee with Pedro Finn”), write his or her name into a field in the Day view.

If you don't know the person's name, just leave that part blank (i.e., “Coffee with”).

Choose Phone Lookup from the Options menu, or write -L.

If a name in Contacts matches the name you wrote, the phone number will be added to your event's description. If not, or if you didn't specify a name, scroll through the list of names and highlight the one you want (Figure 4.43).

Figure 4.43. Finally, contact information that's convenient to contact. Performing a phone lookup lists the names in your Contacts with phone numbers.

Tap Add to include the phone number in the Calendar record (Figure 4.44).

Figure 4.44. The looked-up number automatically gets added to the time line you created.

✓ Tips

  • The Palm OS searches for last names when performing a lookup, so you can write a person's last name and, if theirs is the only instance of that name, the phone number will appear without making a trip to the Contacts screen.

  • Remember, this function searches for last names—even a unique first name (we can't think of any at this time) won't show up if selected for a Phone Lookup.

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