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Chapter 4. Calendar > Color-Coded Categories

Color-Coded Categories

Like the old Chicago song, Calendar can color your world with color-coded categories, which helps you quickly scan your appointments to see what your day will be like. Category colors show up as small dots in a variety of places: to the left of the time in the Agenda view; in a column between the time and event in the Day view; and as colored blocks in the Week and Month views. These colors manifest themselves automatically, save for Day view (which requires you to select the preference in Display Options).

To create a custom, color-coded category

Tap an event, then tap the Details button at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the category popup menu and select Edit Categories.

Select a current category from the list and tap the Edit button, or tap the New button.

Modify or write a new entry, then tap one of the 16 color boxes to select it as the category color (Figure 4.30).

Figure 4.30. Create a new category and assign a groovy color to it.

Tap OK to accept the changes, then OK again to return to the Event Details.

To filter categories

With Show Category List enabled, tap the category filter popup menu in the upper-right corner of either the Day, Week, or Month view.

Tap the category you wish to filter, or tap All to see a complete view of entries (Figure 4.31).

Figure 4.31. Filter only the events you need to see. The top screen shows all events from all categories, while the bottom screen displays only items from the BorenWerks category.

✓ Tips

  • With Show Category Column turned on, tap the category dot in Day view to display a category popup menu, from which you can modify the event's grouping (Figure 4.32). You can't, however, perform this same maneuver in the Agenda view. Also, you'll still need to return to the category popup in Event Details to create new or modify existing categories.

    Figure 4.32. Change an event's category by tapping the category dot on the Day view.

  • Colored categories are limited to Calendar, and are not applied to Contacts or Tasks (though we wish they were).

  • Category colors are mandatory (no clear categories are allowed), and you can choose from just the 16 colors on hand.

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