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Chapter 4. Calendar > “Pencil-in” Events

“Pencil-in” Events

One capability missing from paper-based organizers is the ability to “pencil in” an event, which you can then confirm later. In Calendar, temporary and confirmed appointments show up the same. What we'd really like to see is the ability to write an event in gray, but until that day comes, here's a simple workaround using the Palm OS's ShortCut feature (Figures 4.24a, 4.24b, and 4.24c).

Figure 4.24a. Set up your “pencil-in” notation by creating a ShortCut in the Palm OS Preferences application.

Figure 4.24b. Write the Graffiti characters you set up as a ShortCut, then enter the event's title.

Figure 4.24c. Your event is now easily recognizable as a temporary date/time. After confirming the specifics, remove the “pencil-in” notation.

To add a “pencil-in” event

From the Applications screen, launch the Prefs utility and select ShortCuts from the popup menu in the upper-right corner.

Tap New and name your ShortCut something like “pn”.

Figure out how you'd like penciled items to display—we've always liked the curly brackets, so we enter both characters under ShortCut Text.

Tap OK and return to Calendar.

When you want to create a penciled-in event, preface its title with the ShortCut you just created. In this case, the brackets appear and we double-tap “text” to select it and begin writing to replace it.

When the event is confirmed, remember to remove the “pencil-in” notation.

✓ Tip

  • While the Palm OS's color support doesn't let you create events in gray, DateBk5 (www.pimlicosoftware.com) does: Create an event, tap the Details button, then tap the Font field to set the color. You can also set up a template to create new penciled-in events.

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