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Appendix A. Helpful Resources - Pg. 202

202 Appendix A. Helpful Resources I'd love to claim that the 80,000 or so words in this book are all the help you'll ever need with your Mac. I'd be just as happy to claim that I can fly by flapping my arms in a vigorous manner. Regret- tably, neither claim is valid. The fact is that no single book can contain all the answers. For this reason, I include the following hints about where to find solid Macintosh information elsewhere--on the Web, on the phone, and in your local bookstore. Apple Computer You've heard of this company? It makes computers--specifically, Macintosh computers. As you might expect, it offers some fine information about the Mac. Check out the following. AppleCare Knowledge Base They say that timing is everything and no more is the truth of this saying more evident than right here, right now. Y'see, the first draft of this appendix bore a scathing appraisal of version 2 of the AppleCare Knowledge Base--a repository for Apple technical documents. Version 2 was nearly impossible to search because Apple refused to allow you to search by date and provided no links to recent documents. Instead, the results of your search were based solely on what Apple deemed most relevant. Worse yet, Apple had a perfectly fine Web-based technical library--aptly called the Technical Information Library--and killed it in favor of this wretched waste of bandwidth. But praise be, things have changed. AppleCare Knowledge Base version 3 makes up for many of the failings of the previous version. Using the Expert Search function, you can now search for documents created or altered in the past 2, 7, 15, or 30 days. You can also narrow your search by keyword. And finally, Apple provides a document--Document 75185--that includes links to recently changed and published documents. You can find Document 75185 at So instead of brickbats, Apple earns a hearty slap on the back for Doing The Right Thing and making its technical documents once again easy to locate. If you find the AppleCare Knowledge Base too daunting, Apple has provided support pages for specific products that contain links to common questions. The formula for finding these pages is: productname / productname is the particular product you want help with., for ex- ample, takes you to the iMac support page. Product names that work with this scheme include: g4 itunes dvdstudiopro