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1978 Apple begins game-machine project, code-named Annie.
1979 Apple Chairman Mike Markkula asks Jef Raskin to take over Annie project. Raskin, instead, proposes creating an easy-to-use personal computer. Raskin becomes manager of the renamed Macintosh project. The machine will ship in September 1981 and sell for $500. Steve Jobs and other Apple employees visit Xerox PARC.
1981 Steve Jobs takes charge of Macintosh project.
1982 Apple finishes Macintosh enclosure design; the company inscribes signatures of Macintosh team members inside the case.
1984 Apple introduced the Macintosh with the “1984” commercial. The Macintosh 128K sells for $2,495 and includes MacWrite and MacDraw.
1985 Apple airs the “Lemmings” commercial.

Microsoft releases Word for the Mac.

Nashoba Systems ships its FileMaker database.

Steve Wozniak leaves Apple.

Apple rolls out the first LaserWriter printer.

Aldus unveils PageMaker.

Steve Jobs leaves Apple to start NeXT.

Microsoft ships Excel; it's available only for the Mac.
1986 Apple releases the Mac Plus, the first Mac with SCSI.

Adobe releases its first fonts for the Mac.

Steve Jobs purchases Pixar from Lucasfilm.
1987 Adobe Illustrator ships.

QuarkXPress ships.

Apple introduces the Mac II, its first expandable Mac.

ACI releases 4th Dimension database in the U.S.

Microsoft releases first version of Windows.

Apple announces HyperCard.
1988 Aldus rolls out FreeHand.

NeXT unveils its first computer.

WordPerfect for the Mac ships.

Claris ships its first version of FileMaker after acquiring the database from Nashoba.
1989 Adobe licenses from John and Thomas Knoll the software that will become Adobe Photoshop.

Apple rolls out the Macintosh Portable. At 15.8 pounds, it weighs more than the stationary workhorse Mac IIci (13.6 pounds), which also debuts in 1989.

NeXT releases NeXTstep OS (12 years later, Apple uses the NeXT OS as the foundation of its own Mac OS X).

Microsoft ships Office 1.0 for the Mac.
1990 Adobe Photoshop 1.0 ships.
1991 System 7 ships.

Apple unveils the PowerBook 100. Weighing 5.1 pounds, it is Apple's first real portable.

System 7.1 ships.
1992 Apple releases QuickTime.

Windows 3.1 ships.

BBEdit first ships.

Apple unveils Newton PDA project.
1993 Apple releases AppleScript.

Apple board makes Michael Spindler CEO, replacing John Scully, who leaves Apple in October.

Apple rolls out first Netwon MessagePad.
1994 Apple announces Copland, the code-name for its star-crossed attempt to rewrite its operating system. The modern OS will ship mid-1995, Apple says.

Apple introduces the first PowerPC systems, the Power Macs. The Power Mac 6100, 7100, and 8100 use PowerPC 601 chips running at 60 to 80 MHz.

System 7.5 ships.

Netscape releases first public beta of its “network navigator.”

First 100-MHz PowerPC machine, the Power Mac 8100/100.

Apple announces plans to license the Mac OS to third-party hardware vendors.

Netscape releases Navigator 1.0.
1995 Mac OS-licensee Power Computing ships first Mac OS-compatible clone.

Apple demonstrates Copland and says the modern OS will be available in the middle of 1996.

Apple rolls out first PCI-based Power Mac, the Power Mac 9500, with System 7.5.2.

Apple announced ill-fated PowerBook 5300.

Apple reports a “safety problem” with PowerBook 5300 and halts production. Within a month, Apple resumes shipping PowerBook 5300 and cuts its price.

Apple shows off Newton 2.0 operating system.

Apple releases OpenDoc 1.0, the company's dazzling but little-used scheme for building applications from software components.
1996 Microsoft releases first public beta of Internet Explorer for the Mac.

Apple board makes Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio chairman and chief executive officer of Apple, replacing Michael Spindler.

Apple releases System 7.5 Update 2.0.

Apple loses $740 million in its second quarter. The figure marks the low point in a bruising string of bad fiscal quarters.

Apple pushed back release of Copland to mid-1997.

Microsoft ships first version of Internet Explorer for Macintosh.

Cyberdog 1.0 released, Apple's Internet toolkit based on OpenDoc.

Apple releases System 7.5.3 Revision 2.

Apple releases System 7.5 Version 7.5.3.

Ellen Hancock becomes chief technology officer of Apple. She had previously worked for 28 years at IBM.

Apple cancels first developer release of Copland and decides instead to release its MIA operating system piecemeal in upcoming releases of the Mac OS.

Apple releases first 200-MHz system, the Power Macintosh 9500/200.

Apple releases System 7.5.5 Update.

Apple says it will buy NeXT Software for $400 million. Apple gets NeXT's operating system and Steve Jobs, NeXT's chairman and CEO.
1997 At a grinding three-hour keynote address at the January Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Apple CEO Gil Amelio unveils Rhapsody, the code-name for Apple's upcoming operating system based on NeXT and Apple technologies. Apple says Rhapsody will be released to customers within 12 months.

Apple ships Mac OS 7.6 and Mac OS Runtime for Java 1.0.

Macromedia acquires FutureWave Software, maker of FutureSplash. Macromedia rechristens the software Flash.

Apple rolls out PowerBook 3400.

Apple lays off 2,700 employees and pulls the plug on several of its technologies, including OpenDoc.

Apple ships first 300-MHz system, the Power Mac 6500.

Mac OS 7.6.1 released.

Apple releases Cyberdog 2.0, an update to its suite of Internet tools.

Apple unveils new OS roadmap to its developers. At the end of the road is Rhapsody, which Apple says customers will get in 1998.

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh ready to ship.

Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio, Apple's chairman of the board and chief executive officer, and Ellen Hancock, Apple's executive vice president of technology, resign.

Apple releases Mac OS 8. Users outraged because the new OS uses Charcoal as the default system font.

At Macworld Expo in Boston, Bill Gates pledges Microsoft's support of Apple and shows it by investing $150 million in Apple.

Apple remakes board of directors: Mike Markkula and Gilbert Amelio leave; Larry Ellison joins board.

Apple buys assets of clone-vendor Power Computing, effectively putting an end to Apple's short-lived Mac OS licensing plan.

Steve Jobs become interim Apple CEO, or iCEO.

Apple debuts its “Think Different” commercial during the TV premiere of Toy Story.

Apple releases Rhapsody to software developers and reiterates that new OS will ship to customers in 1998.

Apple launches Newton MessagePad 2100.

Apple unveils first PowerPC G3 Power Macs.

Apple opens Apple Store, its online e-commerce site.

Apple says it has added the Mac OS compatibility environment (called the Blue Box) to Rhapsody.

Macromedia releases Dreamweaver.
1998 Claris becomes FileMaker Inc. New company keeps FileMaker Pro database and hands off ClarisWorks to Apple, which renames software suite AppleWorks.

Apple pulls plug on Newton handheld devices.

Mac OS 8.1 available.

iMac and the redesigned, stylish PowerBook G3 announced.

Apple rejiggers its OS strategy and abandons its Rhapsody plans. Instead, Apple announces Mac OS X, which will ship to customers in Fall 1999, Apple says.

iMac ships with 56K modem.

AppleWorks 5 ships.

Mac OS 8.5 ships.

Apple engineering T-shirt declares the OS “sucks less” than Mac OS 8.
1999 Adobe releases InDesign.

Blue-and-White Power Mac G3s and five colors of iMacs debut.

Apple ships first 400-MHz system, with the new Power Macs.

Final Cut Pro released.

Apple says Mac OS X will ship early in 2000.

Mac OS 8.6 ships.

Sears says it will sell iMacs.

iBook announced with AirPort wireless networking.

iMovie and Mac OS 9 ship.

Apple releases the first PowerPC G4-equipped systems, the Power Mac G4.
2000 Jobs shows off Mac OS X at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Tells conventioneers Mac OS X will be available as shrink-wrapped software product in the summer.

Jobs becomes Apple CEO.

Apple announces the first 500 MHz system, with the latest round of Power Macs.

Apple tells developers Mac OS X will be available January 2001.

Power Mac G4 Cube announced.

Apple releases Mac OS X public beta. Apple says Mac OS X will be released in early 2001.
2001 Apple releases iTunes and iDVD and says Mac OS X will ship March 24.

Apple announces first 600-MHz and 700-MHz system with new versions of the Power Mac G4.

Apple ships Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Server 2.0 released.

The QuickSilver Power Mac G4s ship: first 800-MHz systems.

Mac OS X 10.1 released.

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