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Chapter 4. Typing (also called Word Proc... > A few guidelines for creating profes...

A few guidelines for creating professional-level text

Here are some basic rules for creating type on your iMac. Your iMac is not a typewriter. You have to let go of the rules you either learned from a typing teacher or from someone who grew up on a typewriter—it's different when you are setting type at the professional-level that you are on the Macintosh computers. Trust me. I was trained as a medical secretary and I was trained as a typographer, so I am well aware of the difference between the two.

  • One space after periods. Really.

  • One space after colons, semicolons, question marks, exclamation points, and all other punctuation.

  • Periods and commas always go inside of quotation marks. Always.

  • Question marks and exclamation points go inside or outside quotation marks depending on whether they belong to the phrase inside the quotes.

  • Professional type does not use the half-inch or five-space indent that we used on typewriters. The correct space is equivalent to about two spaces.

  • Use an indent for new paragraphs, or space between the paragraphs, but not both.

  • Learn to use your software to set about a half-line space between paragraphs, instead of hitting two Returns.

  • Read The Mac is not a typewriter.

  • If you discover you like this typesetting stuff and want to learn much more about how to make your type beautiful and sophisticated, read The Non-Designer's Type Book, by me.

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