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Chapter 4. Typing (also called Word Proc... > On the Desktop, find the document yo...

On the Desktop, find the document you just created

So you saved and closed the document, and you quit AppleWorks, and now it is the next day and you want to read that letter again or maybe make some changes to it. Where is it? Well, if you did the exercise on page 51 to create a Documents folder on your hard disk, then everything you save automatically goes into that folder. This is a good thing for a while, because you can always go there and find whatever it was you created. Later, when you feel more comfortable working with your iMac, you will want to start creating different folders for different projects and saving your documents directly into the specific folders.

If you made a Documents folder, this is what it looks like. It's probably on your Desktop.

To find your document all you have to do is look inside the Documents folder. Look for it in your hard disk window. If you did not do that exercise to create a Documents folder, then your document was probably automatically stored inside the AppleWorks folder.


If you can't find your document, see Chapter 19 to use Sherlock to find it for you.

Open the Documents folder

  1. Open your hard disk window, then double-click on the Documents folder (or go back to the AppleWorks folder). The folder will open to a window, of course, and inside you will probably see icons of every document you've made so far.

  2. If you prefer to see a list of the documents in this window instead of the icons, as shown in the example below, go to the View menu and choose "by List."

This is the Documents folder. Don't rename it or your computer will make you a new one and then you might get confused about where things are stored.

This is an example showing several documents inside the Documents folder.

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