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Print the document

You will most likely want to print your documents. First, of course, you must have a printer, and it must be plugged into the iMac and plugged into the wall. (If you don't have a printer yet, see Chapter 21 on "peripherals," which includes printers.)

If you or someone else already hooked up your printer and got your iMac ready to print, then all you have to do to print your document is choose "Print…" from the File menu. You will get a "dialog box," similar to the one shown below, that asks you a few questions. You can ignore everything in that dialog box for now and just click the "Print" button. When you feel like it, go back to this dialog box and poke around, looking at the various options.

Copies: If you want more than one copy, type thye number in here.

Pages: If you want to print just a couple of the pages in your document, type the page numbers in these boxes. For instances, you might want to print only pages 5 through 8. If you want to print just page 5, enter 5 in both boxes.

Print Quality: You might want to experiment with your printer and see what the various qualities look like.

Paper Type: Some printers print differently to different papers. If you're using transparencies or glossy paper, etc., choose that paper type here.

Image: You have a choice of printing in black and white, grayscale (still black and white, but with shade of gray), or color (if you have a color printer, of course).

Notification: In this particular printer's dialog box, notification refers to what sound you want to hear when the printer or computer needs to alert you.

Your dialog box will probably look different, but it will have many of these same options.

Is this your first time?

If this is the very FIrst time you have tried to print, it might not work. Try it. But if it doesn't work, you must quit AppleWorks, do the two steps explained below, and restart the machine. Rather than do that right now, I would suggest you skip the printing part if it doesn't work, finish the rest of this chapter, then come back to this page and setup your iMac for printing.

If no one has prepared your iMac for printing, then you must do two things: A) install the "driver" (below) and B) choose that driver in the Chooser (next page). After you do this the first time, you (almost) never have to do it again.

A) Printer drivers

A printer driver is a small piece of software that gives your iMac special details about the particular printer you have connected. When you got your printer, you also got a cd with the correct printer driver on it. Follow the directions to install the driver and any related software, or have a knowledgeable friend help you. It's possible that the printer manufacturer wants you to go to the Internet and get the driver. If so, have your friend help you.

The driver must be stored inside a folder called Extensions, which is inside the System Folder. The installation process will put the driver where it belongs. But if you don't see any icon on the CD called "Installer," then you should look for something with the name of your printer. Drag that file from the CD or the Desktop and drop it on top of the closed System Folder. The iMac knows where to put it (inside the Extensions folder) and will put it there for you. You'll get a nice message asking if that's okay. Yes, it is.

These are examples of printer driver icons.

After installing any software, you should always restart your computer. Go to the Special menu and choose "Restart." After your computer boots all the way up, go to the Chooser (see the next page).

B) The Chooser

After you install the driver and restart your computer (previous page), you have to go to the Chooser and tell your iMac which printer you choose to print to. You only need to do this the very first time you print to a particular printer!

  1. Turn on your printer and let it warm up for a minute.

  2. From the Apple menu, choose "Chooser."

  3. In the left half of the dialog box, click on the icon that represents your printer.

  4. If your printer cost less than eight hundred dollars, you'll probably see "USB Port" in the right half of the dialog box, as shown below. Click it.

    If your printer was an expensive PostScript printer (it cost at least a thousand dollars and probably doesn't print in color), click the "Setup" button and click "Auto" (not shown below).

  5. You might get a message about AppleTalk because certain printers need it on (active) and other printers need it off (inactive). The iMac will determine whether your printer needs it on or off and will set it to the correct choice.

    You must select two items: your driver and the port. If no port appears in this box, the most likely reasons are 1) either the printer is not turned on, or 2) the cable is not attached properly to either the computer or the printer.

  6. To close the Chooser, click in its close box. You will probably see this message:

  7. Go back to your document. From the File menu, choose "Page Setup…," then just click OK, per the message above.

  8. From the File menu, choose "Print…."

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