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Chapter 4. Typing (also called Word Proc... > Open the application AppleWorks (or ...

Open the application AppleWorks (or ClarisWorks)

If you have an older iMac, you might have the application called ClarisWorks instead of the one called AppleWorks 5. If so, just follow any directions for AppleWorks 5. If you have a newer iMac, you might have AppleWorks 6 on your machine. It's the same program as AppleWorks 5, but it's a newer version; version 6 looks significantly different from version 5. Follow the directions for AppleWorks 6.

To create a word processing document, you have to open the application AppleWorks because the word processor is one of its components.

  1. Open your hard disk window, if it isn't already open.

  2. Double-click the "Applications" folder: see A, below.

  3. Double-click the "AppleWorks" folder. You'll have either an AppleWorks 5 or AppleWorks 6 folder (on older machines it might be called ClarisWorks): see B, below.

  4. Find the "AppleWorks" application icon inside that window (C, see below). Double-click the application icon.


To make it easier to open AppleWorks, you can make an "alias" and put it on your Desktop. See page 237.

Circled above are the application icons. Double-click the one you have on your iMac. The manual for AppleWorks is also in the folder. Find it, double-click it, print it, and read it!

The First thing you see when you "launch" (that is, open) AppleWorks is a dialog box asking which part of the application you want to use because, remember, AppleWorks integrates several applications into one. Depending on whether you have AppleWorks 5 or 6, the "starting points" look different, as shown below. Follow the directions for the version you have to open a new word processing document.

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