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Part II: Things to Do with your iMac

Part II: Things to Do with your iMac

Your iMac is loaded with a number of software applications, which are programs you use to get work done, like write letters, pay bills, create flyers, and more. This section explains what those applications are and what to do with them. I can't give you a full tutorial on each separate item, but I can tell you what each one does so you can make decisions about which applications you want to ignore, and which ones you want to use and learn more about. And I'll tell you where you can learn more when you're ready.

Many people bought an iMac so they could use the Internet. You'll find all the Internet and World Wide Web information in the following section.

Apple has sold over 2 million iMacs as of December 1999.

There are well over 14,000 software applications for the Macintosh.

Just since May of 1998, over 1,500 new applications and peripherals have been created for the Mac and the iMac.

It's cheaper for a business to use all Macintoshes.

The Gartner Group Consulting Service, an independent research firm, published an extensive study about computers in business. They concluded that there is no significant extra cost to have both Macs and PCs in the same business environment, but if a business used all Macs, their business costs would be lower by 25 percent.

From Apple's "Why Mac" web site: www.apple.com/whymac/ggstudy Detailed analysis also at MacKiDo web site: www.mackido.com/myths/Change.html

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, inventors of the Apple computer, were named the 5th most influential businessmen of this century in a recent article in the L.A. Times. Oh yeah, Bill Gates was 50th.

Sure, he makes all his money on Windows, but when it comes to using it, it's interesting to note that Microsoft's own annual report was created on Macintosh computers, and the architectural firm of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in Seattle that designed Bill Gate's $50 million residence used Macintoshes.



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