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Part IV: Other Things You Should Know

Part IV: Other Things You Should Know

This section doesn't contain everything else you should know, but just some of the things you will bump up against right away and some things you might FInd useful.

Every Macintosh, including the iMac, can read PC disks and documents. Every Mac (except very old ones), has software installed on it that allows PC documents to be read. Every Mac can read PC disks, both floppy disks and Zip disks. (A PC, however, cannot read a Mac disk.)

Most software applications on the Macintosh can easily open and display PC files such as photos, graphics, layouts, and text documents. Even AppleWorks/ClarisWorks can translate documents from a huge array of other non-Mac applications.

Every currently shipping Mac comes with a high-speed Ethernet jack capable of hooking up to standard office networks and using a myriad of laser printers and copiers, even if they're PC based.

Mac programs such as VirtualPC and SoftWindows98 allow your Macintosh to run Windows and thousands of PC applications. And there have been public demonstrations of the Mac running such software faster and more stable than PCs themselves.

Computer salespeople are paid to sell PCs.

Employees at computer equipment chain stores are commonly paid a commission for each PC they sell, but not for Macs. Essentially, they are bribed to sell inferior machines.

Apple has happy customers.

Apple is "far and away the favorite" in customer loyalty. Mac users are 17 times more likely than Gateway users to be happy, loyal, and to buy another Mac.

"Computer Intelligence," quoted in September/October 1998 Mac Today

The A.D. Little Report states that Mac users

are 50 percent more accurate and 44 percent more productive than Windows/Intel users.

Consumer Reports prove it.

Apple is rated #1 in Performance & Reliability

Apple is rated #1 in Customer Service Satisfaction

Apple is rated #1 in Fewest Brand Repairs



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