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Chapter 1. Mousing, Menus, and More > Control Panels and the Apple menu

Control Panels and the Apple menu

The Macintosh provides many ways for you to customize the computer so it suits the way you work. One way it does this is through small programs called Control Panels. I'm going to show you how a couple of the Control Panels work, and you can open up any others you want and tweak the obvious things. Some of them are very self-explanatory. If you want directions on how to use every one of them, see The Little Mac Book, the sixth edition. For right now, let's adjust the "speed" of the mouse you are using.

  1. On the far-left end of the menu bar is a tiny icon of the Apple logo. This is actually a menu, called the Apple menu! Click once on the Apple to pull down the menu.

  2. Find the item called "Control Panels." Notice it has a little triangle pointing to the right. The triangle is a visual clue that indicates if you select that item, another menu will pop out to the right, as shown below. This is called a "hierarchical menu," or "h-menu."

    So this is an h-menu. You'll find them all over your iMac. H-menus can be a little tricky to maneuver in, so don't get upset if they disappear on you now and then. The trick is to follow the highlighted bar horizontally (in this case, across Control Panels), then slide right down the h-menu. In this case, when "Mouse" highlights, click on it (directions continued on the next page). If you're really studious, try using the press-and-drag technique as opposed to the click-and-drag.

  3. So point to Control Panels to get the list of items, then slide down that list and click on "Mouse." The Mouse Control Panel will appear, as shown on the opposite page.

    Remember, if you run out of mouse pad space, just pick up the mouse and move it. If your finger was holding the mouse button down to get the menu (pressing), keep it down while you move the mouse.

    It can sometimes be a little tricky to grab an item on an h-menu. If the menu disappears or if a different one pops up, just slide the pointer back to the item you want (Control Panels, in this case), then slide directly across the highlighted bar to the right, then down the h-menu.



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