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Chapter 11. Make an iMovie > Open a digital video in iMovie

Open a digital video in iMovie

As you were originally recording the movie on your movie camera, you probably turned the camera on and off, or onto standby, while you were filming, right? Well, when you import that movie into iMovie, iMovie sees each of those parts of the film between on and off as a clip. It puts each individual clip into one of those clip slots on the right side. If you happened to have recorded a very long segment in one shot, you can click the "Import" button as you see the shot roll by (circled, below) and separate the long piece into individual clips. (You can also cut short any of the shorter segments, of course.)

To connect your camera to the computer so you can import the movie:

First make sure the camera is turned off.

Connect the FireWire cable to the camera and the computer (the computer can be turned on).

Open the iMovie software. From the File menu, choose "New Project…," which will create a folder in which your movie clips will be saved.

When you save a new project, iMovie creates a folder in which it stores your movie pieces.

Set the camera to vtr mode; make sure it is not set to "Charge." (You can also set the camera to record and capture live footage into iMovie.)

Click the Play button on your camera. You will see your movie playing in the large frame of iMovie. Click the "Import" button (circled, below) to begin making clips, which will automatically appear on the clipping shelf. Click "Import" again at any time to end a scene.

Since you finished the tutorial, you know how to edit the movie now!



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