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Chapter 5. Make a Simple Database > Create a new database document

Create a new database document

  1. If you do not yet have the beginning of a database on your screen (as shown under Step 3), single-click the Database button in the toolbar (circled, below).

    AppleWorks 5 toolbar

    AppleWorks 6 toolbar

  2. When you start a new database, the first thing you see is the "Define Database Fields" dialog box (shown below).

    A database is filled with "fields" that contain information. What you need to do here is name the fields that you plan to include in your address book, such as first Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, etc. When you're done, each of these labels will have a space in which to enter the appropriate information.

  3. So type "first Name" in the edit box, as you see in the example circled below.

  4. Click the "Create" button. This puts the field name in the list (shown below), and AppleWorks automatically asks what you want the name of the next field to be. In the next one, type "Last Name," then click "Create."


You always want to have separate fields for first names and last names because the computer alphabetizes by the first letter in the field. If you have both first and last names in one field (such as "Robin Williams"), you'll get an alphabetized list by first names, which isn't useful very often. If you type the last name, comma, first name ("Williams, Robin") then your mailing labels will print exactly that, which is kind of dorky.

So always set up one field for first names and one field for last names.



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