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Chapter 15. Getting Connected > Begin the Internet setup

Begin the Internet setup

First decide which of these groups you belong to, then follow the directions.

If you plan to use only America Online, you don't need to read the rest of this section. Just double-click the AOL icon, found in the Internet folder, and sign up. After you're signed up with AOL, see page 198 and 289–291 for some tips to make sure it works seamlessly on your iMac.


Important note:You do have to have a credit card to go through the Internet setup because an Internet connection through an ISP (or America Online) is not free. You will be asked to enter your credit card number on a web page. This is safe. Really. The information is highly encrypted (secret code). It is much easier for someone to get your credit card number in a restaurant, over the telephone, through mail order, from a receipt dropped in the mall parking lot, etc., than it is to get it by hacking into a secure server. And you're usually only liable for $50 if your credit card is used illegally anyway.

If you are in a school or large business with a network (all the computers are connected and can send messages to each other, even without the Internet), you should talk to your network administrator first because you will need to know several technical details to go through the process. See exactly the questions you need to ask in the illustration on page 197.

If you are at home or a small business and you either have an existing service with an isp that you want to get set up on your new iMac or you want to start a new account, use the Internet Setup Assistant as described on these pages. An "existing account" includes an account you have created with an isp but have never set up on any computer yet. Call the isp and get the answers to the items you need to fill in, as shown in the illustration on page 196.



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