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Chapter 9. Fax a Note to Someone > Register your software

Register your software

The first time you open the fax software, you will be asked to register it. It's always a good idea to register your software. You can click the button to "Register Later," if you like, but you might as well do it right now.

  1. Click "Register." (If you prefer to click "Register Later," then skip to page 143 and send a QuickNote.)

  2. One of the first things you'll see is this commercial for the "Pro" version of the software that you can buy. Read it or skip it and click "Done."

  3. Now this first step can be confusing: For some unknown reason, the "Fax Browser" window is on top of the window you need for registering. So click on the pale window that is below the Fax Browser to bring the actual "Registration" dialog box forward (as shown below).

  4. Fill in the information. When you're done, click "Fax Registration."

  5. Hmm. Wouldn't you think that the fax number to send your registration to would be filled in for you already? It isn't. In the dialog box shown on the opposite page, which is what you should see on your screen, press on the label "US Free Registration" that you see in the little box on the left side; drag it to the little box on the right side and drop it, as shown to the right, above.

  6. Make sure you see "US Free Registration" in the "Destinations" box, as shown below. Then click the "Send" button.

  7. You'll get the unnecessary dialog box shown below. (I suggest unchecking the box in the bottom left that says, "Ask for options before sending." If you ever want these options in future faxes, just click the "Options" button in the previous dialog box.) Click "OK."

  8. Your registration is on its way. You will see the "Fax Status" window, and it will display cute little icons in the bottom-right that tell you how it's doing.

  9. Thoughtfully, you'll get a reassuring message that your fax went through.



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