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Chapter 20. AirPort > Step 8. Make an AirPort Location - Pg. 279

AirPort 279 Except: For some reason almost every time you try to go to the first web page you will get an error message like the one shown below (Apple knows this). Click the ok button on the error message, and tell your browser to find that page again. It will. Click OK and tell your browser to try again. Step 7. Disconnect from the Internet (if necessary) If you use a cable or dsl modem: You don't need to turn the AirPort off. If you use a dial-up connection: You don't really need to turn the AirPort off. Quitting the browser or your email application will disconnect from the Internet and free up your phone line, even with the AirPort on. If you want to free the phone line without quitting the browser, choose "AirPort" from the Apple menu or "Open AirPort" from the Location Manager and click "Hangup AirPort Base Station." Note Before you go anywhere, make sure you complete Step 8 on the next page!