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Chapter 21. Filming with Digital Video > Contact Information - Pg. 66

Filming with Digital Video 66 To transfer your video shots to PC, you'll need a connection such as FireWire, also known as i.Link or IEEE 1394 depending upon who's marketing it, which provides a high-speed digital video and data interface between televisions and computers and other peripherals, such as digital camcorders. The FireWire link can transfer video to your PC at up to 400 Mbps and is the preferred method for transferring your data because of this speed advantage over other techniques, such as via the USB port or video capture cards. Benefits Improved image resolution and color accuracy, the ability to make exact copies with no loss of quality, and the more compact storage for movies via Mini-DV cassette, or via CD or DVD, when compared to VHS or VHS-C cassette storage are all provided by digital camcorders. The ability to work with your movies on your PC can add tremendously to your editing and production capabilities. In terms of image resolution, digital camcorders can give you up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution and are often around 1 megapixel in overall resolution per image. Features and Considerations When selecting a digital camcorder, look for one that supports both video capture and still-image capture. The still-image capture can be handy if you do not own a digital camera and want to have the device serve both purposes. Camcorders from manufacturers such as Sony include an expan- sion slot for a memory card to capture your photos and transfer them to other devices. For this function, Sony uses their proprietary Memory Stick, which can be inserted into certain Sony televi- sion models for immediate viewing of your photos onscreen. Other important considerations for selecting a digital camcorder include the sensor resolution, zoom capability, size and weight of the camcorder, support for both manual and automatic operation, and the amount of accessories and software provided. You may also be interested in the number of digital image effects supported, the quality of the sound recording, the size of the flip-out LCD viewer, and the battery life. In terms of software, be sure that your computer meets the minimum hardware and software re- quirements of the video editing package supplied with the camcorder. If the camcorder doesn't supply this software, there are many products available as accessories from leading retailers that can add FireWire capability to your PC plus provide the video-editing software all-in-one package. If you want to turn some of your older analog videos into digital, you can purchase hardware that takes an RCA connection from your camcorder or VCR and connects to your computer's USB port. Contact Information Digital Camcorders Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Accessories & Video Editing ADS Technologies, Creative, Dazzle,