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Chapter 9. Words and Numbers > Project: Creating an Invitation

Project: Creating an Invitation

Try using WordPerfect to create a simple invitation to a reception for a family member who is visiting from far away. Pick a location for the reception and a date and time to include.

✓ To create an invitation, follow these steps:

If you need to, select Start, All Programs, WordPerfect 2002, WordPerfect 10 to open the program. If you're using the Productivity Pack, select Start, All Programs, WordPerfect Productivity Pack, WordPerfect 10.

In the new blank document that appears, type the following (replacing this text with your own family member and time and location information), and press Enter to start each new line:

Please join us
at a reception for
Dr. Alvin Tuttle
Monday, June 3rd at 4 p.m.
2020 River Road
RSVP 555-6699

Select all the text you entered and then click the Font box arrow to display possible font styles.

Move your mouse down the list. Font previews appear, and the selected text displays in each font as you move over that choice in the font list.

Click the font named Papyrus.

With the text still selected, click the Justification button and then click the Center choice.

Place your mouse at the end of the line “at a reception for” and press Enter twice.

Select the text "Dr. Alvin Tuttle" and change the font size to 16 (use the Font Size list on the toolbar) and make the text bold (use the Bold button on the toolbar).

Click at the end of the line you just formatted and press Enter.

Click Insert Symbol. The Symbols dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9.9.

Figure 9.9. An elegant typeface and symbol make for an attractive invitation.

Click a grape leaf symbol and then click Insert and Close.



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