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Chapter 9. Words and Numbers > Project: Designing an Event Flyer

Project: Designing an Event Flyer

Using a Works Wizard, design a flyer for an upcoming theatrical event. Include a graphic image for the event that you find in Clip Art or download from the Internet, as well as information about where and when the event will be held.

✓ Follow these steps to create your flyer:

From the Windows desktop, select Start, All Programs, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Works Task Launcher.

Click the Programs tab.

If the Word Processor option isn't showing, click Works Word Processor in the list of programs along the left side of the Works window.

Click Event Flyers in the list of Word Processor documents and then the Start This Task link that appears. The wizard window shown in Figure 9.2 appears.


You can see additional types of documents by dragging the scrollbar along the right side of the list of document types.

Click the Theater topic and then on Next. The Choose a Theme wizard box appears, as shown in Figure 9.3.

Figure 9.3. Easy-to-use sliders help you choose among preset fonts and color schemes.

Click the slider bar for either the Font set or Color set elements and drag it to a new position. You can also click any tick mark along the slider line to preview a sample of another format set.

When you're happy with your choices, click Finish. The event flyer shown in Figure 9.4 appears, using placeholder text and the font and color set you selected.

Figure 9.4. All the graphics and colors have been preset for you by the Works Wizard.



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