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Chapter 19. Troubleshooting > Top Tips from HP Support

Top Tips from HP Support

Here are some pieces of advice from the folks who help Pavilion users day in and day out. Following this advice might save you problems down the road, or get you out of trouble. Although HP Support people are some of the best in the business and love to help Pavilion owners have a positive experience, they like it even more when you can avoid problems altogether!

  • Tip 1— HP consumer products work better together. Whenever possible, use HP hardware and drivers for peripherals you connect to your HP Pavilion. If you do use non-HP peripherals, always make sure you have the most current drivers for those products from their manufacturers. Most of these companies allow you to download the most recent drivers from their Web sites.

  • Tip 2— You can get the most recent software for HP Pavilions from the HP Pavilion section of HP's Customer Care Web site (www.hp.com/cposupport/eschome.html) seen in Figure 19.1. Here you can get product-specific information and software. Enter your model information as specifically as possible, including product name and model number including any letters, such as Pavilion 520N, to get the most targeted results.

    Figure 19.1. Search by product name to find recent software updates.

  • Tip 3— You can use the HP Subscriber's Choice program to be notified automatically of new software versions for your Pavilion, get tech support alerts that relate to your product, or sign up for email newsletters that include product tips or project ideas. Go to http://www.hp.com/cposupport/eschome.html to sign up.

  • Tip 4— If you have problems with non-HP software that was included with your Pavilion when you bought it, try visiting the software manufacturer's Web site. Most provide online support. A few addresses to help you out are the following: Microsoft for help with MS Works, Encarta Online Deluxe, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and Windows XP (www.microsoft.com); Corel for WordPerfect Office help (www3.corel.com); MusicMatch for assistance with Music Match Jukebox (www.musicmatch.com); and Adobe for support of Adobe Acrobat Reader (www.adobe.com).

  • Tip 5— Turn on the Windows Update feature by selecting Start, Control Panel and clicking the Windows Update link (see Figure 19.2). With this feature, you can scan for any updates to Windows that should be downloaded to keep your system current, resolve glitches in the operating system software, or set yourself up for automatic updating.

    Figure 19.2. Microsoft provides an update service to keep Windows XP current.

  • Tip 6— When trying to resolve system problems, use the Three Strike Rule. First, use Microsoft System Restore to go back one day. If you still have a problem, use Microsoft System Recovery to go back one week. If that still doesn't work, try again, going back one month. If none of these works, then and only then should you use HP's nondestructive System Restore to restore your Pavilion's factory settings.

  • Tip 7— If you're having trouble with video or sound devices, it's possible your hardware or its drivers aren't compatible with Windows XP. Microsoft maintains a list of products and drivers that have been updated for Windows XP and tested by Microsoft. If you are having a problem and can find a driver or product that has been determined to be XP compatible, it could solve your problem. Go to www.microsoft.com/hcl/ to see listings such as the one shown in Figure 19.3.

    Figure 19.3. Look for an XP-tested driver from this list and download it.



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