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Chapter 13. Security and You > Project: Creating a Family Online Safety Pact

Project: Creating a Family Online Safety Pact

Every family is different, with kids of different ages and interests. Sit down with your family and create a Family Online Safety Pact. Agree on what types of sites the family wants to avoid and make sure everybody understands why certain sites can be dangerous or disturbing.

✓ Then, set up Internet Explorer Content Advisor for your family, following these steps:

Select Tools, Internet Options and then click the Content tab.

Click Settings for the Content Advisor and be sure the Ratings tab is displayed. The dialog box shown in Figure 13.6 appears.

Figure 13.6. Although different things offend different people, one of the settings here is probably a match for your standards.

Click a category such as Language or Violence and then adjust the slider bar to a setting that you prefer. The further to the right you move means the more explicit the content that is allowed.

Click Apply.

Click the Approved Sites tab to create a list of sites you approve or disapprove of (see Figure 13.7).

Figure 13.7. If there are sites you never want your kids to see, add them to the list of not viewable sites here.

Enter the address of a Web site in the Allow this Web site box.

Click Always to allow it to be viewed or Never to never allow it to be viewed.

Click Apply.

Click OK twice to close the Content Advisor and then the Internet Options dialog box.



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