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Chapter 11. Getting Creative > Project: Creating a Birthday Card

Project: Creating a Birthday Card

Think of the next person in your family who has a birthday coming up and design a multimedia card you can send to him or her through email. As you go through this project, feel free to pick a design or greeting that best matches that person and his or her interests. For example, if your sister loves animals, pick a design with a cat or dog.

✓ To create a birthday email postcard, follow these steps:

Select Start, All Programs, My Photo Center, Multimedia Email.

Click step 1, Select Design. The design window shown in Figure 11.2 appears.

Click the arrow to the right of the design box and click Birthday Wishes in the drop-down list that appears.

Click one of the designs, which then appears as the postcard background.

Click OK. You return to the main window.

Click Get Photo/Video.

Click a photo image. Your window will look something like Figure 11.3.

Figure 11.3. After you have a background design, select a photo to place on it.

If the photo is too large, click Edit. Use the Rotate, Flip, Reduce, or Enlarge tools to modify the image or adjust the Brightness or Contrast of the photo by adjusting those sliders. Click OK to save any changes.

Click the Write Message icon (step 3). The Write Message dialog box, shown in Figure 11.4, appears.

Figure 11.4. Use simple text formatting tools in this dialog.

Type this message (or one appropriate to whoever will receive the card): "Happy birthday to my favorite brother!"

Click the Color block and then click a bright blue color in the palette that appears.

Click OK to save the message. (If you need to move the message to fit on the postcard, click the text and drag it to a new position).

Click step 4, Add Audio.

Click the Record New Message button. The Record Audio dialog box appears.

Click the Record button (the red one) and record a birthday greeting. When you're done, click the stop button (the one with a square on it).

Click Save, then enter a file name in the Save As dialog box, and click Save.

Click the Flip Card option (step 5). The back of the postcard appears, as shown in Figure 11.5

Figure 11.5. This e-postcard template sports a familiar interface.

Type a message in the box on the left and then type your email address and a recipient's email address, as well as a Subject, into the appropriate boxes on the right.

Click Select Stamp.

Click a stamp design.

Click the Preview button to see the card you've created.



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