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Chapter 12. Get Online Today! > Project: Getting Online with HP's Easy Internet...

Project: Getting Online with HP's Easy Internet Sign-Up

If your family doesn't have an online account yet, it's time to get one. First, go the library or a friend's house and use their connection to visit the Web sites for AOL, CompuServe, MSN, and Earthlink, four of the services offered by the HP Internet Sign-up. (Tip: use a search engine to locate each service's publicly accessible Web page, or enter the addresses as aol.com, msn.com, and so forth). Make a list of the features you like about each and then vote on which service you'd like to use. Consider price, ease of use, interface (what the Web site looks like), and features offered to members.

✓ Then, use the Easy Internet Sign-Up feature to set up your account on your new computer:

Make sure your computer is connected to a phone line.

Select Start, All Programs, Easy Internet Sign-Up. A Welcome screen appears.

Click Next, and the startup screen in Figure 12.2 appears.

Figure 12.2. Start working with the wizard by entering details about your location.

Enter your phone number and zip code.

Click Connect. The wizard searches for and downloads service options and offers for your area. The Sign-Up Options window appears (see Figure 12.3).

Figure 12.3. If you want more information about how to connect to the Internet, you can click the second option.

Click Help me sign up for a new account or transfer my existing account. The Select Service window shown in Figure 12.4 appears.

Figure 12.4. What's offered here depends on service and options available in your location.

Assuming you're using a standard phone line, click Dial-Up. (If you're using a DSL connection, click DSL). Providers such as AOL, MSN, Earthlink, GoAmerica, or DirectTV will be shown, depending on what's available where you live.

Click a logo to find out what the terms and cost of each plan are.

If you are ready to order one, click Setup on the plan terms window.



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