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Chapter 6. Customizing Your Computing Ex... > Project: Personalize Your Computer w...

Project: Personalize Your Computer with Themes, Backgrounds, and Colors

Your Pavilion should be a reflection of you, so sit down and brainstorm with your family to pick out colors and images that reflect your personalities. You can even use personal photos that you've scanned into your computer for a background.

✓ Here's how you go about applying your choice of color scheme, background, or theme:

Select Start, Control Panel.

Click the Change the Computer's Theme link. The Display Properties dialog box shown in Figure 6.5 appears.

Figure 6.5. If you haven't changed anything since buying your computer, you should have the Windows XP theme set here.

Click the arrow at the end of the Theme box and select another theme in the list by clicking it. Windows Classic is the only installed optional theme if you don't have Windows XP Plus installed, so click it.

Click Apply. The new theme background and colors appear on your computer.

Click the Desktop tab, shown in Figure 6.6; the background selected matches the one in the Windows Classic theme.

Figure 6.6. Microsoft has left you with quite a few background choices.

Click a background in the list. A preview of the graphic image displays.

Use the up and down arrow on your keyboard to move through the different backgrounds. When you find one you like, click Apply.

Click the Appearance tab.

Click the arrow on the Color Scheme box and then click a color scheme option. It is previewed for you. When you find one you're happy with, click Apply.



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