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Chapter 6. Windows Tips, Tricks, and Tra... > Ten Windows Productivity Tips - Pg. 64

Windows Tips, Tricks, and Traps 6. 7. 8. 64 Click the link or button for the desired active desktop component to download it, and place it on your desktop. Internet Explorer displays a dialog box asking for your confirmation. Click Yes. A second dialog box appears indicating that you have chosen to download the selected active desktop component and display it on your Windows desktop. Click OK. Internet Explorer down- loads the component and places it on the desktop. Techno Talk A link is an icon, graphic, or highlighted text that points to another Web page, file, or other object. Behind each link is the address of another page, image, or other object. When you rest your mouse pointer on a link, the mouse pointer transforms from an arrow into a pointing hand. When you click the link, your Web browser fetches the specified page or object and displays it (in the case of pages and graphics) or plays it (in the case of audio clips, video clips, and animations).