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Chapter 6. Windows Tips, Tricks, and Tra... > Mastering the Active Desktop - Pg. 62

Windows Tips, Tricks, and Traps · 62 Modems--If you have a modem you can double-click this icon to set it up and change any modem settings that might be giving you problems. See Chapter 19, "First You Need a Modem," for details. Mouse--Change how fast or slow your mouse pointer travels across the screen and control how fast you must click twice for a double-click. You also can set up your mouse to swap the functions of the left and right mouse buttons and reprogram any additional buttons your mouse might have. Multimedia or Sounds and Multimedia--This icon displays a dialog box that lets you enter settings for the audio, video, MIDI, and CD devices installed on your system. (A great way to crank up your speaker volume!) Passwords--To change your password, click this icon and use the resulting dialog box to enter your new password. Power Management or Power Options--Allows you to enter settings to conserve power on your computer. You can have Windows automatically shut down your monitor and disk drives if they have not been used for a specified amount of time. This is very useful for portable computers running on batteries. Printers--Enables you to install a printer and enter preferences for installed printers. See Chapter 14, "Printing and Faxing Your Creations" for more information. Regional Settings--Lets you control how numbers, currencies, dates, and times are dis- played for your geographical region. · · · · · ·