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Chapter 6. Windows Tips, Tricks, and Tra... > Using the Windows Control Panel - Pg. 61

Windows Tips, Tricks, and Traps 5. 6. Make sure both options under User Profile Settings are checked. Click OK. 61 When you start Windows, a dialog box prompts you to enter your name and password. Instruct each person who uses your computer to enter a unique name and (optional) password when prompted to log on. Any preferences or desktop settings the user enters are then stored under that person's name, without affecting settings the other users enter. When a user is done using the computer, he or she should log off. To log off, click the Start button and choose Log Off [your name]. When the confirmation dialog box appears, click Yes. (In earlier versions of Windows, you must choose Start, Shut Down to display the option for logging off.) Win- dows restarts without restarting your computer and displays a dialog box prompting the next user for his or her name and password. Using the Windows Control Panel You can write a whole book on how to use the Windows Control Panel to customize Windows--but I won't do that to you. However, I will give you a quick way to open the Control Panel: Double-click My Computer and double-click Control Panel. Here's a list of the most commonly used icons to get you started (your Control Panel might be missing some of these icons or have additional icons, depending on which Windows components are installed): · Accessibility Options--If you have some hearing loss, vision impairment, or difficulty moving the mouse or using the keyboard, double-click this icon. Windows offers some helpful custom- ization options.