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Chapter 6. Windows Tips, Tricks, and Tra... > Mastering the Active Desktop - Pg. 63

Windows Tips, Tricks, and Traps 2. 3. 63 4. Click Web Style or click Enable Web Content on My Desktop and Enable Web Content in Folders; then click OK. If you choose Web Style and a particular folder does not appear in Web view (showing under- lined icons), open the View menu and click View As Web Page. (Windows Me and later versions simplified the process of viewing folders as Web pages making this option obsolete.) If the Windows desktop does not appear as a Web page, right-click a blank area of the desktop, point to Active Desktop, and click View As Web Page or Show Web Content. With an Internet connection you can place components (called active desktop components ) on the desktop that automatically download updated information from the Internet and display it right on the desktop. For example, you can place stock tickers, sports updates, and weather maps right on the Windows desktop! If you don't have an Internet connection or you're not sure, read Part 4. You then can add active components to your desktop by taking the following steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Right-click a blank area of the Windows desktop, point to Active Desktop, and click Customize My Desktop. The Display Properties dialog box appears. Click the Web tab. The Web options enable you to view the desktop as a Web page and add components. Click New. The New Active Desktop Item dialog box appears asking if you want to go to the Active Desktop Gallery. Click Yes or Visit Gallery. This runs Internet Explorer and connects you to the Internet if you are not already connected. Internet Explorer loads the Active Desktop Gallery Web page, as shown in Figure 6.5. Figure 6.5. Active Desktop Components are readily available on the Web. 5. Follow the trail of links to the desktop component you want. A page appears describing the component and displaying a link or button for downloading it.