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Chapter 6. Windows Tips, Tricks, and Traps > Giving Windows a Makeover - Pg. 60

Windows Tips, Tricks, and Traps 60 Inside Tip In Part 4, "Going Global with Modems, Online Services, and the Internet," you will learn how to display Web pages and copy images from the Web. To use a Web page or image as your Windows wallpaper, first load the desired page or display the image in Internet Explorer. Right-click the page or image and click Set As Wallpaper. · If you don't like any of the color schemes, assign colors to various items on the desktop. Open the Item list and pick the item whose appearance you want to change. Use the Size, Color, and Font options to change the look of the selected item. · Click the Settings tab. Make sure the Color Palette option is set to 256 or greater. You can drag the Desktop Area slider to the left to make items appear bigger onscreen or to the right to make them smaller (and fit more objects on the screen). If you like the way your desktop looks in the preview area of the dialog box, click OK. If you really messed up the desktop, click Cancel.