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Chapter 5. Windows Survival Guide > Dealing with Windows - Pg. 46

Windows Survival Guide 46 · If you select an option that has no dots or arrows after it, you run a program. For example, if you open the Start menu and click Help, Windows opens the Help window offering a list of help topics. · If your menu looks a little short and has a pair of arrows pointing down at the bottom of it, the menu is hiding some options. Click the double-headed down arrow to view the hidden submenus and programs. (Windows hides options to simplify menus, but this can cause some confusion when you're starting out.) Using Windows Programs Chances are your computer came loaded with all sorts of software. If you purchased a home PC, it probably came with Microsoft Works or some other program suite and a couple computer games. But even if your computer wasn't garnished with additional programs, Windows has several pro- grams you can use to write letters, draw pictures, play games, and perform other tasks. To run any of these programs, click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click the program you want to run: · · · Games is a group of simple computer games, including Solitaire. (You might find the Games submenu on the Programs menu rather than on the Accessories submenu.) Entertainment is a group of programs enabling you to play audio CDs and video clips and adjust the speaker volume. System Tools is a collection of programs that help you maintain your system. These tools include a backup program, a program for fixing your hard disk, and a hard disk defragmenter,