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Chapter 5. Windows Survival Guide > What's on My Computer? - Pg. 50

Windows Survival Guide 50 Customizing My Computer and Windows Explorer My Computer and Windows Explorer can seem a little unwieldy at times. The files might not be listed in the best order, the icons might seem too big or small, and there must be a faster way to enter commands. To take control of My Computer or Windows Explorer, try the following: · To change the look of the icons in My Computer or Windows Explorer, open the View menu and click Large Icons, Small Icons (small icons with folders on the left), List (small icons with folders in the upper left), or Details (to display additional information, such as the date and time files were created). · To rearrange the icons, open the View menu, point to Arrange Icons, and click by Name (list alphabetically by filename), by Type (list alphabetically by file extension ), by Size, or by Date. You also can choose View, Arrange Icons, Auto Arrange to have the icons rearranged auto- matically whenever you drag an icon. (File extensions consist of three or fewer characters tacked on at the end of a filename. They indicate the file type; for example, .DOC for document. Windows might not display extensions for all files.) · To display a toolbar enabling you to quickly enter commands, in either My Computer or Windows Explorer open the View menu and click Toolbar . Figure 5.5 shows how to use the toolbar to perform basic tasks. (Your toolbar might look much different, depending on the Windows version you are using.)