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Chapter 22. Whipping Around the World Wi... > Accessorizing Your Browser - Pg. 209

Whipping Around the World Wide Web 209 Copying (Downloading) Files from the Internet The Internet is chock-full of files that you can download (copy to your computer) and use. You can download pictures, sounds, video clips, shareware (play before you pay) programs, software up- dates, and other free stuff. In the past, you needed a special program to connect to FTP ( File Transfer Protocol) sites and download files. Although you still can use these specialized programs, it's much easier to download files with your Web browser by taking the following steps: 1. In Internet Explorer, right-click a link for the file you want to download and click Save Target As or Save Picture As. Use the Save As dialog box to name the file and select a folder in which you want to save it. Inside Tip You can get fancy with Favorites and Bookmarks by creating submenus. In Navigator, open the Book- marks menu and select Manage Bookmarks. In Internet Explorer, open the Favorites menu and select Organize Favorites. In either program, you get a window that enables you to rearrange your bookmarks or favorites, create submenus (folders), and perform other feats of magic.