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Chapter 22. Whipping Around the World Wi... > Tagging and Flagging Your Favorite P... - Pg. 207

Whipping Around the World Wide Web · · · · · 207 Tagging and Flagging Your Favorite Pages As you wander the Web, you stumble upon pages that you want to revisit--maybe the home page of your favorite actress or a Web site that lists updated prices for your mutual funds. In such cases, you can mark these pages and add them to a menu--typically called a Bookmark or Favorites menu. The next time you want to pull up the page, you simply select it from your customized menu. You can mark pages several ways, depending on the Web browser you are using. In Netscape and Internet Explorer, the easiest methods are as follows: · In Navigator, drag the little icon that's next to the Location text box over the Bookmarks icon and release the mouse button. This places the page name on the Bookmarks menu. You also can drag links over the Bookmarks icon. · In either browser, right-click a blank area on the current page, or right-click a link and choose Add Bookmark or Add to Favorites. · In Internet Explorer, open the Favorites menu and click Add to Favorites to add the page's name to the Favorites menu. The Add Favorite dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 22.4. Enter your preferences and click OK. Figure 22.4. Use the Add Favorite dialog box to add a page's name to the Favorites menu. Saving Pages to Read at Your Leisure If your online service agreement charges you by the hour, you live in the boonies and face long- distance charges every time you dial your connection, or you share a single phone line between your phone and your computer, you want to spend as little time as possible on the Internet. Your objective is to hit the Internet, get what you want, and hang up. Fortunately, most Web browsers have an option for saving pages to the hard drive and viewing those pages offline.