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Chapter 22. Whipping Around the World Wi... > Using Internet Search Tools - Pg. 206

Whipping Around the World Wide Web 206 If a URL ends in .com, you might be able to omit the www at the beginning of the URL and the .com from the end. For example, instead of typing, simply type yahoo and press En- ter. Some browsers automatically complete the entry for you; others, such as Internet Explorer 5, send you to a search page that helps you track down the site. Using Internet Search Tools How do you find information on the Web? Many Web sites have search tools that filter through an index of Internet resources to help you find what you're looking for. You simply connect to a site that has a search tool, type a couple words that specify what you're looking for, and click the Search button. The following are the addresses of some popular search tools on the Web: · · · · · · Most Web browsers have a Search button that connects you to the browser's search tool of choice or displays a list of search sites. For example, if you click Search in Internet Explorer, you connect to MSN's search page, which lets you search for Web sites, a person's mailing address, a person's e-mail address, a business, or a map. The cool thing about the Search button is that it opens a separate pane that displays the search results. You then can click links in the left pane to open pages in the right pane without having to click the Back button to return to the search results, as