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Chapter 22. Whipping Around the World Wi... > Making Your Own Web Page - Pg. 211

Whipping Around the World Wide Web 5. 6. 7. 211 Click the Yahoo! PageWizards link. Yahoo! GeoCities displays a list of predesigned Web page templates you can use to get started. Click one of the Page Wizard designs. Yahoo! GeoCities displays a brief introduction to the wizard. Click Launch Yahoo! PageWizard to start the wizard with the selected design, or click one of the alternative color schemes or designs near the bottom of the page. The first Page Wizard dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 22.6, welcoming you to the wizard. Figure 22.6. Yahoo! GeoCities provides a brief introduction to the selected wizard. 8. 9. Click the Begin or Next button. The wizard prompts you to select a color scheme. Click the desired color scheme and click Next >. The wizard prompts you to enter your name and e-mail address. 10. Follow the wizard's instructions to complete your Web page and save it to the Yahoo! GeoCities Web server. (The steps vary, depending on which wizard you're running.) You can change your page at any time. Just go to Yahoo! GeoCities at geocities., sign in, and run the Page Wizard. When the Page Wizard appears this time, it displays an option for editing an existing page. Click Edit Existing Page, open the drop-down menu, and click the name of the page you want to edit. Click Next > and follow the onscreen instructions to enter your changes. For more options and control over your Web page design and layout, use Yahoo! PageBuilder. This is a full-featured Web page creation and editing tool. To run PageBuilder, simply open the Yahoo! GeoCities home page and click Yahoo! PageBuilder. This displays an introduction to PageBuilder. Click the Launch PageBuilder link to run the program.