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Chapter 22. Whipping Around the World Wi... > Saving Pages to Read at Your Leisure - Pg. 208

Whipping Around the World Wide Web 208 You have two options: You can save the pages to disk and open them later or you can set up site subscriptions. With a site subscription, your browser connects automatically at a specified time (say three o'clock in the morning when Internet traffic is light), downloads the pages you specify, saves them to disk, and then disconnects. The steps for saving a page to disk are fairly basic: Choose the File , Save command, enter your options, pick the desired drive and folder, and click the Save button. The browser typically offers you the option of saving a text version of the page (no graphics) or saving a complete version (with both text and graphics). After you have saved all the pages you want to view offline, open the browser's File menu and select the Go Offline or Work Offline command (or its equivalent). If the browser does not automatically disconnect you from your ISP, right-click the Dial-Up Networking icon (on the right end of the Win- dows taskbar) and click Disconnect. You then can use the browser's File , Open command to open and view the Web pages you saved to disk. To go back online, you must reconnect to your ISP and then select the File , Work Offline command to turn off the Work Offline option. Site subscriptions automate the download procedure for your favorite Web content. In Internet Ex- plorer, you can choose to set up a site subscription when you add a page to your Favorites menu. Here's what you do: 1. 2. 3. Open the Favorites menu and select Add to Favorites. The Add Favorite dialog box appears. Click Make available offline. (Optional) Click Customize and follow the onscreen instructions to specify your subscription preferences. You can have the subscriptions delivered only when you choose Tools, Syn- chronize or have Internet Explorer download the pages automatically on specified days and at specified times. (If you do not customize your subscription, Internet Explorer assumes you want