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Chapter 3. Taking Control with Your Keyb... > Keyboards for the Rich and Famous (P... - Pg. 28

Taking Control with Your Keyboard and Mouse Table 3.1. Windows Logo Key Shortcuts Press Windows Windows+Tab Windows+F Ctrl+Windows+F Windows+F1 Windows+R Windows+Break Windows+E Windows+D Shift+Windows+M To Open the Start menu. Cycle through running programs in the taskbar. Find a file. Find a computer on a network. Display the Windows Help window. Display the Run dialog box (for running programs). Display the System Properties dialog box. Run Windows Explorer for managing folders and files. Minimize or restore all program windows Undo minimize all program windows. 28 Cramped Keys on Notebook PCs Portable computers, including notebook and laptop PCs, typically don't have the space to lay out a full set of keys. To fit all the keys in this limited amount of space, many keys are assigned double duty. For example, some of the keys can be used to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display. In most cases, the keyboard includes a key labeled Fn that is a different color (for instance, blue). Keys that perform double-duty have their primary functions displayed in black or white, and their secondary functions displayed in the same color used for the Fn key. To take advantage of the secondary function of the key, hold down the Fn key while pressing the key that is labeled with the desired secondary function.