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Chapter 3. Taking Control with Your Keyb... > Other Devices for Poking Around on Y... - Pg. 32

Taking Control with Your Keyboard and Mouse 32 · Voice activation--For no-hands control over your computer, you can purchase voice activation software and bark commands into a microphone. With speech recognition software, such as IBM's Via Voice, you can even type without touching your keyboard. See "Can My Computer Take Dictation?" in Chapter 10, "Making, Saving, and Naming Documents" for details. The Least You Need to Know · The 12 function keys on your keyboard are positioned across the top or along one edge of your keyboard. · The Ctrl and Alt keys augment the standard keyboard keys to provide extra functions. · The cursor keys move the cursor or insertion point around onscreen. · The five basic mouse moves are point, click, right-click, double-click, and drag. · The center wheel on an IntelliMouse can be used to make scrolling through documents and Web pages easier. · Other devices for poking around on your computer include a trackball, touchpad, trackpoint or Accupoint pointer, joystick, and voice recognition software.