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Chapter 15. Surviving Without Documentat... > Finding Answers in README.TXT - Pg. 148

Surviving Without Documentation 148 To view a README file, use My Computer or Windows Explorer to display the contents of the folder in which the program's files are stored or the contents of the program's installation disk or CD-ROM. Look for a file called README.TXT or README.DOC. If you have My Computer set up to hide filename extensions, you won't see the .TXT or .DOC. Instead, Windows indicates the file type graphically. A text (.TXT) file icon looks like a small spiral notebook; a document (.DOC) file icon appears with your word processor's logo on it (W, if you have Word). Double-click the file to open it in NotePad, WordPad, or in your word processor. Figure 15.4 shows the contents of a typical README.TXT file.